Estate Sale Items

The Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Society sometimes assists the families of Silent Key members to dispose of their ham shack equipment.
This listing is what is currently up for grabs.
For offers or more information, contact Chris on or whatsapp O82 925 6367
Book an item by noting the item number and letting me know.
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Items were too many to be individually tested - money back if you are unhappy (within reason)
Courier costs and arrangements are the buyer's responsibility

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No # Item Model No Description Value Reserved
187******* Equipment from the late ZS2ABK ************************ Equipment from the late ZS2ABK (payments to the widow) ***************
195Icom VHF MobileIC-27EVHF mobile750.00 
215Jingtong VHF FM Transceiver with base/charge unitJT 208 500.00 
287******* New items ************************ (Payment and proceeds of these items go to PEARS) ***************
288Yaesu Automatic Antenna Tuner - controllerFC-1000ONLY the controller, the ATU remote box is missing75.00 
289******* Items from the late Les ZS2VA ************************ (Payment and proceeds of these items go to the family) ***************
290Tower PC with dual monitors, HP printer, UPS complete  2,000.00 
291Motorola UHF mobile on benchGM350"Extensively" modified for DMR testing etc500.00 
292Zastone DMR portable - UHF  750.00sold
293Icom VHF portable  750.00 
294Steed 10A Power supply  150.00 
295IE 50V 2A Variable bench PSUDS502 300.00 
29612V PSU multi outputDF1723S 150.00 
297Lukey SMD Rework station  750.00ZS3JDL
298Polomon Soldering station  300.00 
299Kenwood dualband mobileTM-V71Awith original box2,500.00ZS2MIC sold
300Tracer mobile (4m?)MR959 500.00 
301Telequipment D61 Oscilloscope  300.00 
302Fluke 77 multimeter  650.00ZR2BA sold
303Analogue multimeter  50.00ZR2BA sold
304Box of arduino bits  500.00ZS2GN sold
305RENSYS 330W solar panel, Inverter, Energiser 100Ah battery, Microcare 10A solar regulator Complete system in daily use4,000.00 
306Component drawers  500.00ZS2GN sold
307Large woden drawers content (16 in total) Crimpers, tools, electronic spares500.00ZS2CJ sold
308Workbench 3 tier plus light  300.00 
309Steel cupboard LHS  500.00sold
310steel cupboard RHS  500.00sold
311TPLink 5 port ethernet switchTL-SG1005D 100.00 
312Yaesu Frequency counter 500MHzYC-500S 300.00ZS2CJ sold
313Weather Station Homebrew Arduino-based Outdoor sensors need attention200.00 
314VHF black folded dipole  200.00 
315UHF Stubby dipole 380-470MHz200.00 
316Endfed 4m antenna 70MHz200.00 
317Balun for long wire antenna  200.00 
318Tevo Tarantula 3D printer in dust enclosure plus filaments  3,000.00sold
319Tek Oscilloscope for spares (not operational)465BCovers removed, assume something faulty200.00ZS2PG interested
320HackRF One SDR Development kit Brand new, still in its box and anti-static plastics1,000.00ZS2CJ sold
321Voltac variac transformer 2.5A rated500.00 
322Dremel workstation with 220 press and box of bitsModel 3000Bench drill press used for PCB's etc1,000.00ZS3JDL
323Adjustable vice on suction cup multi-angle work assitant350.00ZS3JDL
324Midlands VHF mobile70-440BProgrammed with repeaters and plenty of simplex200.00 
325Uniden Marine VHF radioUM380 400.00ZS2CJ sold
326TP Link wifi AP 300Mbps151E 200.00 
327Digital clamp meter AC, with pouch, in its original box100.00 
32812 steps 2 piece extenstion ladder  800.00 
3299 steps multi-ladder  250.00 
330DeLonghi 3 panel gas heater WITH 9kg bottle  1,000.00sold
331Dremel plunge router attachment New ~R600250.00sold
332Audio Signal GeneratorTE-22 100.00 
334******* New items ex ZS2DD, ZS2PP ************************ (Payment and proceeds of these items go to PEARS) ***************
335RTTY Modem (built kit) XR2211, XR2206 based200.00 
336WX SAT Synthesized FM receiver (built kit) 137MHz wideband250.00 
337Advanced Electronic Applications Data ModemDSP-2232Digital Signal Processing Multimode Data Controller (dual radio ports)1,000.00 
338Yaesu 6m All mode base stationFT620BPowers up, but no TX output power and RX is dead100.00ZS2BL interested
339National HF ReceiverNC-57Valve200.00 
340Multi-rail Mains Power Supply (5V)2158-7589+5V 1.5A, -5.2V 1A, +12V 0.05A, -12V 0.05A50.00 
341Heathkit HF complete station, comprising 4 items:SB range 1,000.00ZS2BL interested
342 1. HF TransmitterSB401ValveZS2BL interested
343 2. HF Receiver with extra bandsSB3012m converter and 6m converter kits added, valveZS2BL interested
344 3. Receive Band scopeSB610ValveZS2BL interested
345 4. LoudspeakerSB600 ZS2BL interested