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QSX gets online indexChris Scarr2020-08
The HAMNET Blackout WeekendDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-08
Chairman's Report 2019/2020Gert Schoeman2020-08
WAZS achievedAndre Botes ZS2ACP2020-08
ZS2 Sprint resultsDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-08
The 4-wheeler antennaAndrew Prideaux ZS2PA2020-08
More news on Solar Cycle 25 2020-08
It takes a village to raise a childDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-08
PEARS D-Star RepeaterMike Steenkamp ZS2MIC2020-08
First PEARS Technical WorkshopJimmy deScande ZS2JIM2020-05
Addo 100 Mile Trail Run, March 6-8, 2020Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2020-05
News on Solar Cycle 25http://www.arrl.org2020-05
Results of the HAMNET Simulated Emergency Contest 2020Dave Higgs ZS2DH2020-05
Barry, ZS2NF Successful in 2019 DX ContestsUlrich Ann ZR2A2020-05
Provisional Results of the SARL 95 40m Club Sprint 2020-05
Field Use of Solar PanelsBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2020-03
PEARS supported events 2020Tony Allen ZR2TX2020-03
Van Standens Mountain MarathonBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2020-03
Please help!Gert Schoeman ZS2GS2020-03
CQWW DX Contest CW – an encore for NamibiaUlrich Ann ZR2A2020-03
PEARS members earning SARL Awards and Trophies 2019Radio ZS March '202020-03
QO-100 / Es’hail-2 / AMSAT Phase 4https://amsat-dl.org/eshail-2-amsat-phase-4-a/2020-01
Interview of ZS2EC in the newsletter of the SouthWest Ohio DX Associationhttps://www.swodxa.org/newsletters/2020-01
ZS2EC wins 2019 Africa All Mode Int. DX Contest 2020-01
Sunspot Cycle 25 – we’re still not there yet! 2020-01
Heinesport Rally LongmoreBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2020-01
DXCC award for ZS2PE received 2020-01
Mountain Club ExerciseGert Schoeman ZS2GS2020-01
ZS2H Barry Jackson, some historyMitch Rundle ZS2DK2020-01
V55A - CQWW DX SSB Contest from NamibiaUlrich Ann ZR2A2019-11
PEARS Member portrait – D.W.O. Winter ZS2MCGus Winter ZS2MC2019-11
Fountain Mall Rally, October 2019Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2019-11
ZS2PE achieving DXCCDave Higgs ZS2DH2019-11
JOTA/JOTI 2019Jimmy deScande ZS2JIM2019-11
PEARS Member portrait – Al ZS2UAl Akers ZS2U2019-09
Trans-Baviaans Impressions, August 2019Jimmy deScande ZS2JIM, Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2019-09
Baywest Rally, June 2019Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2019-09
Distribution of operating modes on HFUlrich Ann ZR2A2019-09
Lighthouse Weekend activity from the Donkin ReserveUlrich Ann ZR2A2019-09
DStar Repeater UpdateNeville ZS2N2019-09
A Ham Radio Quiz, by Al ZS2UAl Akers ZS2U2019-09
Your new editor Uli, ZR2AUlrich Ann ZR2A2019-07
The DXCC journey of Theunis, ZS2ECDave Higgs ZS2DH2019-07
PEARS DXCC holdersUlrich Ann ZR2A2019-07
1st World Wide Digi DX ContestUlrich Ann ZR2A2019-07
Great Zuurberg Trek photos, May 2019Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2019-07
Ski boat overdueGert Schoeman ZS2GS2019-07
Antenna Matching UnitsAmateur Radio July '912019-05
What you need to know about RF noiseKelly Hill2019-05
A simple Two Metre BeamAl Akers ZS2U2019-05
PEARS VHF/UHF Contest – 2019 Results 2019-05
HAMNET 40 Meter Simulated Emergency Contest Results 2019-05
Earth’s Shifting Magnetic Pole May be Confusing Your Cell PhoneDr Tony Phillips2019-03
DMR has come to townLes Barker ZS2VA2019-01
Signals from space: Five theories on what they areHelen Briggs2019-01
Missing 2018-12
Short Range VHF Antennas, part 4Al Akers ZS2U2018-10
SAAO to contribute to the global effort to detect Near Earth Objectshttps://www.saao.ac.za2018-10
T2FD -- The Forgotten AntennaGuy Atkins2018-10
Thinking outside the boxCherelle Leong2018-08
Short Range VHF Antennas, part 3Al Akers ZS2U2018-08
Simple and Effective Car Lock Jammer DetectorAndrew Nohawk2018-08
What Happened To The Half Wave Dipole Fed With Coax?Dick AD4U2018-06
Hammies Boot Camp – BishoDave Higgs ZS2DH2018-06
Great Zuurberg Trek photos, May 2018 2018-06
ICASA new automatic licencing system soon 2018-06
Short Range VHF Antennas, part 2Al Akers ZS2U2018-06
Blackout weekend photos, 4 - 6 May 2018Dave Higgs ZS2DH2018-06
Thousands of Amateur Radio Operators Measured the 2017 Solar Eclipse's Effects on the Atmospherehttps://gizmodo.com2018-06
The Luxembourg EffectPaul Litwinovich2018-04
The Cockscomb InnDave Higgs ZS2DH2018-04
Repeater Tone Access – the In’s and Out’sChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2018-04
Cockscomb Classic: 7 April 2018Isolda Hosten ZS2IW2018-04
Short Range VHF Antennas, part 1Al Akers ZS2U2018-04
Results of the Hamnet Simulated Emergency Contest March 2018Andrew Gray ZS2G2018-04
Results of the PEARS National VHF & UHF Contest 2018 2018-04
#2 Most wanted DXCC Entity about to be activatedhttps://www.bouvetdx.org/2018-02
Vertical Directive Arrays (VDAs)http://www.va3cco.com2018-02
The demise of the RJ45 connectorLes Barker ZS2VA2018-02
Fox-1D Amateur Radio CubeSat Launches Successfully, Now Designated as AO-92http://www.arrl.org2018-02
FoxTelem Software for Windows, Mac, & Linuxhttps://www.amsat.org2018-02
Meltdown and Spectre: Yes, your device is likely vulnerableLes Barker ZS2VA2018-02
Long Dead NASA Spacecraft Wakes UpDr Tony Phillips2018-02
And then there were Three!Andre Botes ZS2ACP2018-02
End Fed 6–40 Meter Multiband HF Antennahttp://www.earchi.org/proj_homebrew.html2017-12
How CQWW started for meTheunis Potgieter ZS2EC2017-12
JOTA 2017 2017-12
CQWW a weekend of fun and radiosTheunis Potgieter ZS2EC2017-12
Lighthouse Operation 2017-10
How to Solder SMD / SMT Components With a Soldering Ironwww.instructables.com2017-10
IRLP Internet Radio Linking ProjectDave Higgs ZS2DH2017-10
Sputnik launched 60 years agoyl.beam # 51 Oct 20172017-10
Signal Generator - 40MHz Sine/Square WaveLes Barker ZS2VA2017-08
Ultra-portable 5 element 144 MHz Pocket Portable YagiG4DHF2017-08
New long distance VHF Nets on 144,300 MHz SSB from PEMike Bosch ZS2FM2017-08
Proposed VHF ActivityAl Akers ZS2U2017-08
Swopping Copper for AuminiumEngineering News 16 March 20162017-08
Hammies Boot CampDave Higgs ZS2DH2017-07
Make your own transceiver with a Dorji DRA818U or DRA818VLes Barker ZS2VA2017-07
Battery-Less Cellphone Prototype Harvests Energy Out of Thin Airhttp://gadgets.ndtv.com2017-07
The Solution To A Century-Old Physics Problem Might Lead To Better Telecommunications And Cloaking Deviceshttp://www.iflscience.com2017-07
Helium in crisisChris Ballentine2017-05
D-STAR (WHAT IS IT?)Les Barker ZS2VA2017-05
DSTARLes Barker ZS2VA2017-05
How Does a SWR Meter Work ?Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2017-05
Revived interest in NVIS propagationHans van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV2017-05
The rich history of Amateur Radio in the Eastern Cape, errata and omissionsMike Bosch ZS2FM2017-04
Hamnet Simulated Emergency Contest ResultsAl Akers ZS2U2017-04
Addo Elephant trail run, 10 -12 March 2017Dave Higgs ZS2DH2017-04
An Intelligent Butter DishLes Barker ZS2VA2017-04
Norway to switch off FM Commercial Broadcasting 2017-03
CNC Machines explained, part 2Les Barker ZS2VA2017-03
Results of the PEARS National VHF & UHF Contest 2017Mike Bosch ZS2FM2017-03
The rich history of Amateur Radio in the Eastern CapeMike Bosch ZS2FM2017-03
SpaceX launch ham radio transceiver to ISShttp://ariss.org2017-03
The VHF/UHF DX Book, 2017 Replica Edition - is now available for free downloadhttp://www.trpub.net/html/dx_book.htm2017-03
Solar Panels for DummiesBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2017-02
A new perspective on HFAndrew Prideaux ZS2PA2017-02
CNC Machines explained, part 1Les Barker ZS2VA2016-12
Mountain Club of South Africa/SAAF/EMS/Hamnet EC Exercise 5 – 6 November 2016Dave Higgs ZS2DH2016-12
Forthcoming PEARS National VHF & UHF Contest 2017Mike Bosch ZS2FM2016-12
Hammies - Get your radio ham license!Dave Higgs ZS2DH2016-12
Hammies at the Donkin ReserveDave Higgs ZS2DH2016-10
From the Workbench, part 9Allan Whitehead ZS2R2016-10
IoT solution helping to reduce electricity line losses in Nigeriahttp://www.engineeringnews.co.za2016-10
Telkom’s impressive new solar parkhttp://mybroadband.co.za2016-10
Perdeberg - A Summits On The Air [SOTA] mountain peak, ZS/EC-009, 1651mMandy la Mude ZS2AV and Andrew Gray ZS2G2016-10
New wireless hack can unlock almost every VW made since 1995http://mybroadband.co.za2016-10
The rich history of Amateur Radio in the Eastern CapeMike Bosch ZS2FM2016-08
LM317 / LM338 / LM350 Voltage Regulatorshttp://diyaudioprojects.com/2016-08
HAMNET Field Station/Hammies outing 25 June 2016 2 to 4 PM Van Stadens flower reserveDave Higgs ZS2DH2016-08
1200 new galaxies discovered with South Africa’s MeerKAT telescopehttp://mybroadband.co.za/2016-08
Building the Basic Energy Monitor continued: Part 5 - Adding a LCD displayLes Barker ZS2VA2016-06
Hammies Boot CampDave Higgs ZS2DH2016-06
The loss of membership in PEARSMike Bosch ZS2FM2016-06
VHF Mobile Antenna SystemsBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2016-04
From the Workbench, part 8Allan Whitehead ZS2R2016-04
Antenna Day report-backAl Akers ZS2U2016-04
Logbook Of The WorldDave Higgs ZS2DH2016-04
“HAMMIES”Dave Higgs ZS2DH2016-04
Building the Basic Energy Monitor continued: Part 4 - ConstructionLes Barker ZS2VA2016-04
Can The Government Hack Your iPhone?Andy O'Donnell2016-04
Results of the PEARS National VHF & UHF Contest - 2016Mike Bosch ZS2FM2016-02
APRSdroid for DummiesBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2016-02
What is an Arduino?Les Barker ZS2VA2016-02
Building the Basic Energy Monitor continued: Part 3 - Adding an SD card and Real Time Clock module (RTC)Les Barker ZS2VA2016-02
Logbook of the World - RegistrationDave Higgs ZS2DH2016-02
Tree Lights take big byte out of Christmas CheerClive Fife ZS2RT2015-12
Building the Basic Energy Monitor continued: Part 2 - Programming and testingLes Barker ZS2VA2015-12
RaDAR event – 7 November 2015Dave Higgs ZS2DH2015-12
What is LINUX?Les Barker ZS2VA2015-12
Wind TurbinesBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2015-12
The RaDAR challengeDave Higgs ZS2DH2015-10
From the Workbench, part 7Allan Whitehead ZS2R2015-10
Forthcoming PEARS National VHF & UHF ContestMike Bosch ZS2FM2015-10
A home built electrical energy monitor and data logger.Les Barker ZS2VA2015-10
Tour de Longmore – A VW Rally storyBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2015-08
From the Workbench, part 6Allan Whitehead ZS2R2015-08
Africa's creaking giant Kariba Dam threatens to unleash biblical delugeRW Johnson2015-08
Enjoy the ride… There is no return ticket.Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2015-07
The Raspberry Pi, parts 4 & 5https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/2015-07
From the Workbench, part 5Allan Whitehead ZS2R2015-07
Loerie Rally - Saturday 6 June 2015Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2015-07
The PEARS ZS2 Speedy SprintTheunis Potgieter ZS2EC2015-06
The Great Zuurberg TrekChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2015-06
The Raspberry Pi, parts 1 - 3https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/2015-06
From the Workbench, part 4Allan Whitehead ZS2R2015-06
MARITIME Communications set to change…Les Barker ZS2VA2015-05
Groendal Rescue – Easter SundayColin Schroder ZR2CRS2015-05
Hamnet / ECARES Activation - Jayde Panayiotou tragedyTony Allen ZR2TX2015-05
Aluminium Ion Battery TechnologyMark Shwartz2015-05
From the Workbench, part 3Allan Whitehead ZS2R2015-05
HAMNET Simulated Emergency Contest Results 2015Al Akers ZS2U2015-05
From the Workbench, part 2Allan Whitehead ZS2R2015-04
Early days of Packet Radio in PEARS…Lionel Coombe-Davis ZS2DD2015-04
Algoa Steel Rally – 14 MarchBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2015-04
Pure sine wave Inverters – some design ideasR. Anil, P. Mahendra, L. Vamsi Krishna2015-04
From the WorkbenchAllan Whitehead ZS2R2015-03
Results of the PEARS National VHF & UHF Contest 2015Mike Bosch ZS2FM2015-03
ZS2PP Antenna modification visitChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2015-03
HAMNET as a Community Service…Tony Allen ZR2TX2015-03
Load Shedding & Back-up Power SuppliesBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2015-02
Across the Atlantic on an inflatable???Rob MacGheogan ZS2ROB2015-02
Jasper Solar ProjectBusinessTech2015-02
SA to get two new Solar FarmsBusinessTech2015-02
PEARS HF DX ContestVaughn Rizzo ZS2VR2014-12
PEARS Field Day – 23rd NovemberAl Akers ZS2U2014-12
Compassberg SOTA Activation - 9 November 2014Dave Higgs ZS2DH2014-12
The PEARS National VHF/UHF Contest 16 – 18 January 2015Mike Bosch ZS2FM2014-11
Cape Linked Repeater Network DiagramChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2014-11
Repeater with the BIGGEST cooling fan..??Glen Cummings ZS2GV2014-10
PEARS mobile comms centreNick Thompson ZS2NT2014-10
Trans-Baviaans Mountain Bike RaceTony Allen ZR2TX2014-10
Radio Technology in Action seminar 2014-10
From Yesteryear – the Royal visitLionel Coombe-Davis ZS2DD2014-09
Emerging Technology: Lithium Carbon batteriesStephen Kinford, N8WB2014-09
The International Sun-Earth Explorer-3Supplied by Les Barker ZS2VA2014-09
VW Rally 2014 – A View From ControlTony Allen ZR2TX2014-08
PEARS Remote HF LinkChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2014-08
Solar tracking project (following the June talk…)Nathan D Williams2014-07
Summits On The Air (SOTA) Eastern CapeAndrew Gray ZS2G2014-07
President’s Trophy Air Race, Gariep Dam – 29-30 May 2014Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2014-07
Antennas and Transmatches, part 5Al Akers ZS2U2014-06
Antennas Made of Ice?http://wnep.com/2014/01/16/antennas-made-of-ice/2014-06
How to Specify RF and Microwave Filtershttp://www.anatechelectronics.com/2014-06
Jeffreys Bay Wind Farmhttps://jeffreysbaywindfarm.co.za/2014-06
75MW PV Plant Kalkbult 2014-05
Morgain Antenna 40/80Simone Mannini W5EDI2014-05
Antennas and Transmatches, part 4Al Akers ZS2U2014-05
Amateur Radio developed software assisting in the search for missing airliner 2014-05
Antennas and Transmatches, part 3Al Akers ZS2U2014-04
OSCAR-11/UOSAT-2 celebrates 30 years in orbit 2014-04
Maidenhead Locator Map of the Port Elizabeth areaEric Hosten ZS2ECH2014-04
Europe backs call for universal smartphone charger 2014-04
December search and rescueGlen Cummings ZS2GV2014-04
A battery that runs on sugar could soon be powering your electronicsDavid2014-04
SA to get new electrical sockets, plugs 2014-03
An indoor VHF Delta LoopK2ZS2014-03
Antennas and Transmatches, part 2Al Akers ZS2U2014-03
Bygone PE: Swartkops SpaLyndi Scott2014-03
Forget the Internet - soon there will be the OUTERNet 2014-03
Radio to the Rescue 2014-02
Amateur Radio experiences DIY renaissanceDavid Sumner2014-02
Early report of PEARS National VHF/UHF ContestMike Bosch ZS2FM2014-02
Rescue Radio: APRS brings happy ending following accident down under 2014-02
WinLinkPieter Jacobs V51PJ2014-02
Battery advance could boost renewable energy take-upPaul Rincon2014-02
Garden Route Rally RoundupRaymond ZS1RAY2013-12
Earthquakes not unknown in Eastern Cape, and ancient fault lines cross PEIvor Markman2013-12
Microwave signals turned into electrical power 2013-12
Midlands Amateur Radio Club 6m Crossband Repeater 2013-12
PEARS VHF /UHF Contest 17-19 January 2014Nick Thompson ZS2NT2013-12
Six Element 70cm BeamAl Akers ZS2U2013-12
Antennas and Transmatches, part 1Al Akers ZS2U2013-12
Will we ever … face a wireless "Spectrum crunch"?Frank Swain2013-11
Land based Umkhonto fired for the first timeHelmoed-Romer Heitman2013-11
MAX6495-MAX6499 (Overvoltage protection switches with ext MOSFET) 2013-11
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-11
What are the WARC Bands? 2013-11
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-11
Digital Modes informationWB8NUT2013-10
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-10
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-10
Hamnet ECARES News: PEARS Members help in search for downed aircraftAndrew Gray ZS2G2013-10
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 8Al Akers ZS2U2013-09
Supercapacitors Amp Up as an Alternative to BatteriesDavid LaGesse2013-09
Portable Two Element Beam for Four and Two MetresAl Akers ZS2U2013-09
Relative Performance of AntennaeBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2013-09
The VHF Spectrum and aboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-09
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-09
Pennywhistle on the roofChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2013-08
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 6 (7?)Al Akers ZS2U2013-08
The teenage radio enthusiasts who helped win World War IIKatia Moskvitch2013-08
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-08
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-08
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-07
What is WiFi? 2013-07
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-07
Best position for mobile antennasLarsen Antennas2013-07
SARL Radio Technology In Action - Programme 2013-07
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 6Al Akers ZS2U2013-07
Samsung announces 5G Data breakthrough 2013-06
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 5Al Akers ZS2U2013-06
Rescue Radio: Cellphone failure at the Boston Marathon 2013-06
President's Trophy Air RaceColin Schroder ZR2CRS2013-06
Longmore VHF Repeater repairChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2013-06
Can Chicken Wire Antennas Work DX?Erik Weaver N0EW2013-06
WiFi Network breaks speed record 2013-06
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-05
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-05
Super-powered battery breakthrough by US teamLeo Kelion2013-05
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 4Al Akers ZS2U2013-05
Rescue Radio: Ham Radio responds to Boston Marathon Terrorist attack 2013-05
Kenyan Boy's Invention Scares Off LionsAlyssa Danigelis2013-04
The VHF Spectrum and aboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-04
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 3Al Akers ZS2U2013-04
SKA joins IBM to build computer systemsChantelle Nicholas2013-04
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-04
Photovoltaic film recharges mobile phones with lighthttp://www.france24.com2013-04
PEARS VHF/UHF Contest January 2013Al Akers ZS2U2013-03
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-03
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 2 - Mobile antennasAl Akers ZS2U2013-03
T-Match Antenna Matching UnitAndre Botes ZS2ACP2013-03
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-03
ZS2 Dominates QRP ContestTheunis Potgieter ZS2EC2013-03
Dxpedition to Bouvet Island 2013-02
Radio Amateur missing for 25 years re-united with friendG4TUT2013-02
Re-application for an Amateur LicenceSARL News Jan '132013-02
Something in the Universe is much greater and deeper than Human Intelligence 2013-02
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-02
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2013-02
SteppIR installationMitch Rundle ZS2DK2013-02
Short Range Two metre Antennas, part 1Al Akers ZS2U2013-02
Nomadd: Cleaning solar power's dirty sideJonathan Kaplan2012-12
Free-to-air Satellite TVEric Hosten ZS2ECH2012-12
Veteran Car Club Show 1 December 2012Al Akers ZS2U2012-12
Automatic Fan Controller Circuit 2012-11
US sets final emergency responder wireless pilot 2012-11
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-11
CW Messages heard on the Repeater NetworkChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2012-11
What have I done with my radio today?Patsy Kruger ZR2PTY2012-11
JOTA Saturday 20th October 2012-11
HackRF is a radio for all frequencies 2012-11
Whatever Happened to the Principality of Sealand 2012-11
The Mayonnaise Jar 2012-11
High Altitude AR Balloon in Argentica 2012-11
What on earth is SKA? 2012-10
Australia unveils powerful Radio telescope 2012-10
Different types of Solar Panels 2012-10
the "Batteries of Babylon" 2012-10
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-10
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-10
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-09
How Software-Defined Radio could revolutionize WirelessTimpothy B Lee2012-09
Trans-Baviaans 2012: CP4Eric Hosten ZS2ECH2012-09
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-09
DX Corner - September 2012Barry Murrell ZS2EZ2012-09
Low Cost Amateur Radio Balloon RepeaterFernando2012-08
Lithium-Air Batteries get a rechargeLucan Laursen2012-08
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-08
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-08
A Guiding HandDes Pettit ZS2ABU2012-08
VHF NewsMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-07
2m Half-Wave Vertical AntennaAl Akers ZS2U2012-07
A Humanatarian Aid Mission: J52EME QRV on EME from Guinea BissauLucio I3LDP2012-07
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-07
DX Corner - July 2012Barry Murrell ZS2EZ2012-07
Vacuum Tube FailureAllan Whitehead ZS2R2012-06
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-06
Radio Law: Antenna Restrictions in Belgium get tighter 2012-06
Life on the Ocean WaveGreg Soroka2012-06
DX Corner - June 2012Barry Murrell ZS2EZ2012-06
Can an Ohmmeter test Thyristors and Triacs? 2012-06
DX Corner - May 2012Barry Murrell ZS2EZ2012-05
Variations on an Absorbing Theme 2012-05
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-05
FUNCube Dongle 2012-05
Understanding MFJ Analyser Readings, erratumHans Kappetijn ZS6KR2012-04
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-04
The Three-Terminal Regulator - Multiple uses in one packageER Doubek N9RF2012-04
Pi cct73 Mag Sept '812012-04
LED as a mains NEONG8MNY2012-04
Understanding MFJ Analyser Readings Hans Kappetijn ZS6KR2012-03
The ZF Special Antenna - Double - D "beam"JBW Jackman ZF1MA2012-03
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-03
Shedding light on dark secretsBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2012-03
PEARS VHF/UHF Contest 20-22 Jan 2012Al Akers ZS2U2012-03
Square WavesEric Hosten ZS2ECH2012-01
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-01
The PEARS Contest will focus on "DX" VHF ContactsMike Bosch ZS2FM2012-01
How Samuel Morse got his big ideaJoseph Strombverg2012-01
Time Experts debate whether to abolish the Leap SecondRebecca Morelle2012-01
What purpose does the SARL serve?Mike Bosch ZS2FM2012-01
QRP ATU, part 2DF3OS2011-12
Field Station Oliphantskop Paterson PEARS VHF/UHF Contest jan 2011Allan Bowles ZS2BO2011-12
Portable Six Element 70cm BeamAl Akers ZS2U2011-12
QRP ATU, part 1DF3OS2011-12
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-12
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-11
Computer Power Supplies can be usefulAllan Whitehead ZS2R2011-11
CFL Bulbs have yet another contender (ESL) 2011-11
The AntennaJoe Speroni AH0A2011-10
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-10
Trans Baviaans MTB Race - ControlLlise Dodd ZR2LLD2011-09
Touring South America on a 125cc HondaGerald Berlyn ZR2GB2011-09
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-09
Scavenging free Green Power from Radio WavesEric Doyle2011-09
Lighthouse Weekend 20-21 August 2011Theunis Potgieter ZS2EC2011-09
Lighthouse Weekend 20-21 August 2011Al Akers ZS2U2011-09
Trans Baviaans MTB Race - Checkpoint 3 DeDoornsEric Hosten ZS2ECH2011-09
Rally Reports - CommsChristopher Scarr ZS2AAW2011-08
Rally Reports - ControlPatsy Kruger ZR2PTY2011-08
Rally Reports - ResultsLlise Dodd ZR2LLD2011-08
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-08
Linear Loaded Double T AntennaAndre Le Roux ZS2AL2011-08
Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decadeLewis Page2011-08
Rally Reports - Admin & in the fieldBeavan Gwilt ZS2RL2011-08
The VHF Spectrum and AboveMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-07
Port Elizabeth's own rival to Marconi (EA Jennings invented radio in 1897)Eric Rosenthal, Pretoria News2011-07
MTB Event in the Baakens River Valley - Sat 7th May, contdJohn de Villiers ZR2JDV2011-07
Easy and Cheap VHF (2m) portable AntennaMelvin Rautenbach ZS1MK2011-07
HeliographsAllan Whitehead ZS2R2011-06
The Mountain Bike Downhill RaceJohannes Geldenhuys ZS2JO2011-06
MTB Event in the Baakens River Valley - Sat 7th MayColin Schroder ZR2CRS2011-06
CSA National MTB Super Series, 7 May 2011 Baakens Valley JOCLlise Dodd ZR2LLD2011-06
A Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)Wikipedia2011-06
SARL Radio Technology In Action - Programme 2011-06
Transistor Cases 2011-05
Signal Strength MetetrNeels Du Plessis ZS2ND2011-05
2011 Spec-Savers Ironman SA - PEARS Special Event Communications ReportTony Allen ZR2TX2011-05
Using a Dip MeterViv Moore ZS2VM2011-04
SBMS - Short Burst Meteor ScatterMike Bosch ZS2FM2011-04
Ever wondered how much data there is in the world? 2011-04
Delayed Interior car lampG8MNY2011-04
Unbalanced to Unbalanced Toroidal Transformer for HF MobileAndre Le Roux ZS2AL2011-03
Two Element Six Metre BeamAl Akers ZS2U2011-03
Field Station of the PEARS VHF/UHF Contest 2011Al Akers ZS2U2011-03
Measuring techniques using Probes, part 2Allan Whitehead ZS2R2011-03
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