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Another great online DX Tool - PSK Reporter!Dave Higgs ZS2DH2023-05
ZR2BK on the SARL News teamDave Higgs ZS2DH2023-05
Celebs, Movies, and Ham Radio 2023-05
PEARS FOX HUNTGert Schoeman ZS2GS2023-04
PEARS DF Hunt – 15 April 2023 - a summary of the event from my perspectiveChris Scarr ZS2AAW2023-04
The IARU, the SARL, and you 2023-04
Another in my series of online dx tools I loveDave Higgs ZS2DH2023-04
QRM at the QTHKevern Burger ZR2BK2023-04
Sable Island DXpedition 2023 2023-04
From the JamtinJimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2023-03
The power of contest multipliersDave Higgs ZS2DH2023-03
Some of my favourite online DX ToolsDave Higgs ZS2DH2023-03
ARRL 10M Contest 2022Theunis Potgieter ZS2EC2023-02
Bouvet Island QSL Card - ZS2UAshley Goosern ZS2AG2023-02
From the JamtinJimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2023-02
What Was Your Festive Season Project?Dave Higgs ZS2DH2023-02
Some of my favourite DX tools online: Clublog.org livestreams!Dave Higgs ZS2DH2023-02
From the JamtinJimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2023-01
Rewriting the RAE 48 Years LaterMike Otgaar ZS2AQ2023-01
The ZS2PA Arduino Antenna SwitchAndrew Prideau ZS2PA2022-11
A visit to HAMNET Western CapeGert Schoeman ZS2GS2022-11
From the JamtinJimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2022-11
From the JamtinJimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2022-10
Bird Island 1998 - ZS2UEric Hosten ZS2ECH2022-10
THE ZS2EZ-3 DX CLUSTERBarry Murrell ZS2EZ2022-09
Transbaviaans 2022 Comms failure!Chris Scarr ZS2AAW2022-09
Lady’s Slipper Wi-Fi service re-installedChris Scarr ZS2AAW2022-09
Calling back the past - Response Technology American Red Cross of Greater ChicagoCraig Dieckman KC9HWK2022-08
Invitation to attend CQ WPX SSB UniversityDonovan van Loggerenberg ZS2DL2022-07
PEARS UHF - VHF contest over the 13 years on Oliphantskop PassAllan Bowles ZS2BO2022-07
HAMMIES QSO PartyDave Higgs ZS2DH2022-06
SARL VHF/UHF FM ContestDave Higgs ZS2DH2022-06
Belgium: Military use of 50 MHz frequencies 2022-06
Pictures taken after the AGM at the Social BraaiAshley Goosern ZS2AG2022-05
Amateur radio InfoWikipedia2022-05
Member’s Meeting with a twist 2022-05
IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 for 2022Jimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2022-04
CQWPX 2022 ContestTheunis Potgieter ZS2EC2022-04
ADDO 100 MILERGert Schoeman ZS2GS2022-04
Trials and tribulations of building a HexbeamPaul Schoeman ZS2PS2022-04
Herald MTB Race – Addo/ZuurbergJimmy De Scande ZS2JIM2022-03
In Fondest Memory of William (Bill) Hodges, now Silent KeyDonovan van Loggerenberg ZS2DL2022-03
Who is at the PEARS helm? 2022-03
Herald Mountain Bike / Road Race ReportTony Allen ZR2TX2022-03
How to change your legacy licenseNoel Hamond ZR6DX2022-02
PAIA and POPI Policy 2022-02
Repeater work done on sitesKevern Burger ZR2BK2022-02
The PEARS VHF/UHF contest from Olifantskop passDave Higgs ZS2DH2022-01
South Africa to launch three nanosatellites as part of R27 million space project 2022-01
EcholinkChad Jackson ZS2CJ2022-01
The Newsworthiness of Ham Radio 2021-11
CQ WW ContestTheunis Potgieter ZS2EC2021-11
Bench Power SupplyLes Barker ZS2VA2021-11
Remembrance Day with the MOTHS 2021-10
Solving weak UHF radio signalsAidan van Loggerenberg ZS2CV2021-10
Transbaviaans Mountain Bike Race - Checkpoint 2 ZandvlakteDave Higgs ZS2DH2021-09
Lighthouse weekend - Seal PointKevern Burger ZR2BK2021-09
LG Records 6G THz band milestone 2021-09
Bouvet Island DXPeditions are in planning stages for 2021, 2022 and 2023 2021-09
Bisho Hammies weekend 2021-09
Amateur Radio responds to flooding in Western Europe 2021-08
The fear of Morse Code (CW)Donovan van Loggerenberg ZS2DL2021-08
Cuban 40m Jamming 2021-08
The RaDAR Challenge - 10 July 2021Kevern Burger ZR2BK2021-06
SARL Newbie contest
Mike Steenkamp ZS2MIC2021-06
Loadshedding protectionChris Scarr ZS2AAW2021-06
WAZS and the SARL QSL systemDave Higgs ZS2DH2021-04
The PEARS VHF/UHF contest 2021Dave Higgs ZS2DH2021-04
ZS2PE in SARL Field DayUlrich Ann ZR2A2021-04
Tower installation at the Walmer Scout Hall 2021-04
Ten PEARS members to receive SARL 2020 Awards and Trophies 2021-04
Tropo propagation on 2mDave Higgs ZS2DH2021-04
ZS CW interest group growing 2021-01
Mountain Club helicopter exercisesJimmy de Scande ZS2JIM2021-01
RS Data libraryLes Barker ZS2VA2021-01
Working 100 countries in 30 days with a minimal setupUlrich Ann ZR2A2021-01
Theunis ZS2EC winning contest awards 2021-01
A visit to ZS2NFUlrich Ann ZR2A2021-01
My road to Bologna 2022Ulrich Ann ZR2A2021-01
Internet tidbitsDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-11
PEARS takes top spot in the 2020 SARL HF Contest 2020-11
An HF noice cancelling unit made in ZSMitch Rundle ZS2DK2020-11
The 2020 IARU virtual conference from my perspectiveDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-11
Youth On The Air (YOTA) Contest programmeDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-11
SARL Field Day Report back 2020-11
Events ReportTony Allen ZR2TX2020-11
Chairman's Report 2019/2020Gert Schoeman ZS2GS2020-08
It takes a village to raise a childDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-08
PEARS D-Star RepeaterMike Steenkamp ZS2MIC2020-08
The HAMNET Blackout WeekendDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-08
The 4-wheeler antennaAndrew Prideaux ZS2PA2020-08
ZS2 Sprint resultsDave Higgs ZS2DH2020-08
More news on Solar Cycle 25 2020-08
QSX gets online indexChris Scarr ZS2AAW2020-08
WAZS achievedAndre Botes ZS2ACP2020-08
Barry, ZS2NF Successful in 2019 DX ContestsUlrich Ann ZR2A2020-05
News on Solar Cycle 25http://www.arrl.org2020-05
Addo 100 Mile Trail Run, March 6-8, 2020Beavan Gwilt ZS2RL2020-05
First PEARS Technical WorkshopJimmy de Scande ZS2JIM2020-05
Results of the HAMNET Simulated Emergency Contest 2020Dave Higgs ZS2DH2020-05