Awards Made over the years

 Date   Award Name   Callsign  Initials  Surname  Notes
05/17/2003Appreciation AwardZS2MCDWOWinterAuditing the club's books
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZS2MCDWOWinter 
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZS6EFE.J.WilliscroftGiving of his time and expertise in providing the PIC training course for club members
05/19/2012ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2RAWhiteheadSolar charger regulator
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2RAWhiteheadQSX support with regular technical articles
05/18/2002ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2RAWhiteheadFor the Frequency Counter project
06/21/2011ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2RAWhitehead 
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZS2RAWhitehead 
05/27/2006ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2RAWhitehead 
09/25/1992Ham Spirit TrophyZS2OBMWeller 
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2OCKVictorGenerating social interest and organising field days at Londt Park
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZS2QOVan RooyenExceptional contribution towards the refurbishment of the Lady’s Slipper repeater site
06/07/2008Merit CupZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg 
09/18/1993ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2LREJvan Loggerenberg 
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergConducting RAE classes
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2LREJvan Loggerenberg 
05/15/2010Merit CupZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg 
05/15/2010ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2LREJvan LoggerenbergPacket BBS sysop
05/27/2006ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergIn recognition of his on-air achievements
06/21/2011Merit CupZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg 
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2LREJvan LoggerenbergBBS Forwarding
05/21/2016ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergBecoming the first ZS2 ever to make it onto the DXCC Honours Roll by having worked 331 of the 340 DXCC entities – that’s within 10 of ALL the existing entities worked!
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergSupport of RAE and Schools
05/11/2020Appreciation AwardZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergTechnical workshop
09/21/1996Merit CertificateZS2LREJvan Loggerenbergunstinting help in BBS forwarding
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergContinuous effort he puts in, in presenting the RAE classes
09/23/1995Merit CertificateZS2LREJvan LoggerenbergStepping into the breach and running the Branch BBS for many months
05/18/2013ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg 
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergPresenting the RAE twice a year and thereby increasing our ham numbers
06/03/2017Merit CertificateZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergRunning the RAE course, doing the HF assessments and getting students to pass their exams
09/25/1992ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg 
05/21/2016Achievement CertificateZS2DLDvan LoggerenbergPushing 160m contacts on this little-used band under trying conditions from within town
09/19/1987Ham Spirit TrophyZS2BKAvan DeventerInaugural Ham Spirit Trophy award
05/19/2012W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2BKAvan DeventerFor having achieved WAC
05/18/2013W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2BKAvan Deventer 
05/18/2013Merit CertificateZS2BKAvan DeventerAchieving VUCC (ARRL VHF/UHF 100 Locator QSO's) using EME
06/23/2007ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2BKAvan DeventerHF TRX kit demonstrated at the PEARS monthly meeting
06/03/2017Achievement CertificateZS2BKAvan DeventerGetting permission to erect a tower and satellite antenna array in a retirement village in Lorraine!
05/16/2009Merit CupZS2BKAvan Deventer 
05/15/2010W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2BKAvan Deventer 
05/21/2016W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2BKAvan DeventerWith Phillippe Mondon, FR5DN, covered 3245 km using SSB via Tropo Ducting on 7 October 2015
05/19/2012Ham of the YearZS2BKAvan Deventer 
05/21/2005Ham Spirit TrophyZS4VDLTvan der Linden 
06/23/2007Ham Spirit TrophyZS4VDLTvan der LindenVHF contest effort from far afield
05/22/1999Forget-me-nutZR2JHJvan der HeideMany meetings and bulletins missed…
05/16/1998Merit CertificateZS2BWBKTremeerOrganising the successful monthly Wrinkly Ravers' get togethers
05/19/2001CW Merit CertificateZS2BWBKTremeer1000 contacts
05/16/1998ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2BWBKTremeer 
05/13/2000ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2BWBKTremeershared with ZS2ZG
05/19/2001ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2BWBKTremeer 
05/18/2002ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2BWBKTremeer 
05/17/2003Achievement CertificateZS2BWBKTremeerAll band activity
05/17/2003ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2BWBKTremeer 
06/23/2007Achievement CertificateZS2BWBKTremeerMoving QTH, setting up a mobile trailer station, setting up a new home station, keeping active on HF, and beating the odds prescribed by the medical profession.
05/22/2004ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2BWBKTremeer 
05/22/1999Appreciation AwardZR2NTNThomasFor assistance in planning and manning the Grahamstown Scifest Stall
05/16/2015ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZR2NTNThomasPIC programing and along those lines
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZR2NTNThomasRAE lecturers
05/18/2002Merit CupZR2NTNThomas 
05/22/2004Ham Spirit TrophyZR2NTNThomas 
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZR2NTNThomas 
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS1IJTerblancheRegular contributions to QSX
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS1IJTerblancheQSX articles
09/21/1996ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2EMFSwiegers 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS6BOXCSmythService on SARL council
05/21/2016Ou Toppie AwardZS2TEDESSmook 
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZS2SJESSmetrynsExceptional contribution towards the refurbishment of the Lady’s Slipper repeater site
05/16/2015Ham of the YearZR2CRSCRSchroderEfforts with PTAR last year and the PEARS banners and the various other efforts on his behalf
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZR2CRSCRSchroderAssisting with events and the donation of radio marshal bibs and a gazebo
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZR2CRSCRSchroderTime and effort they put into the container project, at the scout hall
05/19/2018Appreciation AwardZR2CRSCRSchroderTravelling to Knysna during the fires and the goods that he donated and distributed there.
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZS2RSRSchonbornOutstanding effort in providing for the catering at various club functions during the year
05/18/2002Ou Toppie AwardZS2SPRSchauder 
05/22/1999Appreciation AwardZS2AETNScarrFor repeater work and QSX production
05/22/1999Merit CertificateZS2AAWCCScarrRepeater and packet network maintenance and expansion
05/13/2000Merit CertificateZS2AAWCCScarrDevelopment of the East Cape’s linked repeater network
05/16/2009Ham of the YearZS2AAWCCScarr 
05/19/2018Merit CupZS2AAWCCScarrHard work and time he puts in, in keeping our repeater system up and running under trying circumstances, old equipment and having to travel long distances to do the repairs
09/25/1992Merit CertificateZS2AETNScarrUnstinting work on the Branch Repeaters
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2AAWCCScarrTireless work on the repeater system
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2AAWCCScarrPEARS Web site
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2AAWCCScarrTechnical support with repeaters, WiFi, APRS etc.
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2AAWCCScarrSciFest
05/27/2006Merit CertificateZS2AETNScarrRepeater work
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZS2AETNScarrOutstanding effort in providing for the catering at various club functions during the year, and for his dedicated assistance in maintaining the clubs repeater network
05/18/2002Achievement CertificateZS2AAWCCScarr 
05/18/2002Appreciation AwardZS2AETNScarrQSX, also to ZR2EY
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZS2AAWCCScarr 
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2AETNScarrQSX collation, also to ZR2EY
05/27/2006Merit CertificateZS2AAWCCScarrRepeater work
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2AETNScarrSciFest
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2AETNScarrAlso to ZR2EY
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2AAWCCScarr 
09/21/1996Merit CertificateZS2AAWCCScarrDevition to repeater network efficiency
05/16/1998Merit CertificateZS2AAWCCScarrOutstanding work in extending and maintaining the renowned East Cape repeater network
05/17/2003Special AwardZS2AAWCCScarrCup for outstanding work on the repeater network
09/23/1995DF Hunt TrophyZS2AAWCCScarrTracking down the QRM on our repaters during the VW Rally
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2AETNScarrAlso to ZR2EY
09/17/1994ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2AAWCCScarrShared with ZS2ND, for construction work in respect of repeaters
05/18/2013Ou Toppie AwardZS2AETNScarr 
06/07/2008Appreciation AwardZS2DKMRundleFor seeing to the mailing of QSX every month
05/19/2018ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2DKMRundleParticipation in HF
09/17/1983ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2DKMRundleExtremely well-built linear amplifier
06/03/2017Achievement CertificateZS2DKMRundleContinued HF DX operations with seized rotator and poor propagation conditions notwithstanding!
09/18/1993Merit CertificateZS2CRCTRobertsonProviding numerous bulletins and relays on Sundays
09/20/1991DF Hunt TrophyZS2CRCTRobertson 
05/19/2012ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2XDGRautenbach 
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZS2JRMRautenbachFor the extensive logistical assistance to the PEARS repeater network
05/17/2014ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2XDGRautenbach 
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2MRMRasGeneral assistance and support of club activities, and relaying of Sunday bulletins on 11m
05/27/2006Ham Spirit TrophyZS2MRMRasAttendance, CB relays, general support at functions
05/17/2003Appreciation AwardZS2MRMRasRelaying the various news bulletins on CB radio
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2MRMRasAlways arranging the braai fires for events like the antenna testing days at Londt Park and the AGM
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2MRMRasVoortrekker events in Uitenhage and Despatch area
05/18/2002Appreciation AwardZS2MRMRasAssistance at SciFest and general Amateur Radio promotion
05/19/2018Ou Toppie AwardZS2PJPPPullinger 
06/03/2017ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2PAAPrideauxConstruction of a para sleeve 3 element HF beam, and Andrew specifically for the contruction and erection of his tilt-over tower, and mods done to a Yaesu HF Linear changing output tubes from 6KD6 to 811’s
05/11/2020ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2PAAPrideauxVarious projects
06/03/2017Achievement CertificateZS2ECTPotgieterComing 1st in South Africa in the ARRL contest
06/03/2017Appreciation AwardZS2ECTPotgieterAlways flying the ZS2PE flag high in competitions and on-air events
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2ECTPotgieterPromotion of ZS2PE in contests and QSX distribution
05/19/2012Merit CupZS2ECTPotgieterActivity on the air
05/19/2018Achievement CertificateZS2ECTPotgieterOperating on the Club’s call sign (ZS2PE)
05/11/2020ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2ECTPotgieter 
06/21/2011Achievement CertificateZS2ECTPotgieterWorked all ZS 400
05/18/2013Ham of the YearZS2ECTPotgieter 
05/17/2014Merit CupZS2ECTPotgieter 
05/16/2015ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2ECTPotgieterHF work using the ZS2PE call sign
05/22/2004Ou Toppie AwardZS2VPVPlumridge 
09/18/1993DF Hunt TrophyZS2SZPLOlivier 
09/21/1996Ham Spirit TrophyZS2SZPLOlivierParticular emphasis placed on his dedication to the Morse Code classes on the air
09/17/1994Ham Spirit TrophyZS2SZPLOlivierTotal involvement in Branch affairs
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2SZPLOlivier 
09/25/1992DF Hunt TrophyZS2SZPLOlivier 
05/11/2020Ham of the YearZS2NFBJNugentAs proposed and motivated by Uli ZR2A
06/03/2017Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonWeekly reading of the SARL English bulletin
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonReading of the HQ bulletins
05/19/2018Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonReading the SARL new bulletin in English, every Sunday Morning
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonReading SARL bulletins each Sunday
06/07/2008Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonReading the English SARL bulletin so competently every Sunday
05/17/2003Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonReading the SARL bulletin in English on Sundays
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonSunday morning SARL HQ English bulletin reading
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNortonSunday morning SARL bulletin readings and Monday evening rebroadcasts
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZS2BLRNorton 
05/21/2016Merit CupZS2EZBMurrellBeing the first ZS to get 300 DXCC entities confirmed on DIGITAL modes. Not an easy feat
05/22/2004Merit CupZS2EZBMurrell(callsign was ZR2DX at the time)
06/23/2007ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2EZBMurrellActivities on air
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2EZBMurrellContributions to Sunday morning bulletins
05/21/2005ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2EZBMurrell(callsign was ZR2DX at the time)
05/18/2002Appreciation AwardZS2AJAMulderSCIFEST
05/19/2001Ham Spirit TrophyZS2AJAMulder(Callsign was ZR2A at the time)
05/13/2000Appreciation AwardZS2AJAMulderProviding accommodation for Greg ZS2RE, Nicholas ZR2NDT and Marc ZR2BLK during the course of the SciFest
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2AJAMulder 
05/16/1998Merit CertificateZS2VMVMooreImportant involvement with the technical classes and general assistance to fellow hams
05/22/1999Ham Spirit TrophyZS2VMVMoore 
09/20/1991Ham Spirit TrophyZS2VMVMoore 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2VMVMooreHelp rendered in technical training/evenings
05/18/2013Ou Toppie AwardZS2VMVMoore 
09/23/1995ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2VMVMooreOngoing construction activities, including assistance to others with their projects
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2VMVMoore 
05/19/2001Achievement CertificateZS2REGMaynardRAE manual effort
05/19/2001Merit CupZS2REGMaynard 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2REGMaynardRAE lecturers
05/16/1998ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS1EMEMathiesonShared with ZS2PP (Callsign was ZS2EN at the time)
05/22/1999W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2DDLigthelm 
05/16/1998Ou Toppie AwardZS2PLPLiebenberg 
06/03/2017ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2ALALe RouxConstruction of a para sleeve 3 element HF beam, and Andrew specifically for the contruction and erection of his tilt-over tower, and mods done to a Yaesu HF Linear changing output tubes from 6KD6 to 811’s
09/21/1996ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2LLLle Doux 
09/17/1994Special AwardZS2HBGLaaksProducing the best Branch mag in the business
05/13/2000Merit CertificateZS2HBGLaaksMagnificent job done with QSX
05/27/2006Merit CupZS2HBGLaaksFor many years of QSX publication
05/19/2012Ou Toppie AwardZS2HBGLaaks 
09/18/1993Merit CertificateZS2HBGLaaksProduction of fine issues of QSX-PE
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2HBGLaaks 
09/21/1996Merit CertificateZS2HBGLaaksExcellence in production of QSX
05/18/2002Special AwardZS2HBGLaaksSpecial award for QSX
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2HBGLaaksRAE lecturers
05/16/1998Merit CertificateZS2GRLGRLaaksInitative and excellent job of creating our Web page (callsign was ZR2ABU at the time)
09/23/1995Merit CertificateZS2HBGLaaksProduction of QSX throughout the year
05/21/2016Merit CertificateZS2AVMLa MudeSOTA activities throughout the year
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2PTYPAKrugerDedicated support, as new members, for all of PEARS communication events (callsign was ZR2PTY then)
05/15/2010Achievement CertificateZS2GKGKrautRecord achievement in the 2m contact with FR5DN
06/03/2017Appreciation AwardZS2GHKGKokPresentation of the Arduino course
05/18/2013Ou Toppie AwardZS2ENLJordaan 
05/22/2004ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2BWDJacobs 
05/19/2012Ou Toppie AwardZS2HBJackson 
05/16/2009Ham Spirit TrophyZS2ECHECHosten 
05/15/2010Appreciation AwardZS2ECHECHostenExcellent facilities organised at the NMMU for the SARL AGM
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2ECHECHostenDoing a good job as QSX editor
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2ECHECHostenQSX stand-in editor (comes with 1 year's free subscription to the position)
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZS2ECHECHostenMany hours he puts in to producing interesting QSX’s
05/11/2020Appreciation AwardZS2ECHECHostenQSX editorship
09/20/1991ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2PPPHopper 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2PPPHopperSciFest
05/19/2018Ou Toppie AwardZS2PPPHopper 
05/19/2001ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2PPPHopper 
09/25/1992Merit CertificateZS2PPPHopperPublic relations work done at the Bathurst Show (also to Pam)
05/16/1998ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2PPPHopperShared with Ewan ZS2EN
09/25/1992ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2PPPHopper 
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZS2AZRTHolmes 
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2AZRTHolmes 
05/15/2010Ham Spirit TrophyZS2ABZWAHodges 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2ABZWAHodgesSciFest
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2ABZWAHodgesSupport of RAE and Schools
09/23/1995Ham Spirit TrophyZS2ABZWAHodgesAlways around when help is needed yet maintains a low profile
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2ABZWAHodges 
05/22/1999Appreciation AwardZS2ABZWAHodgesAll-round society support
09/06/1990Ham Spirit TrophyZS2ABZWAHodgesEnthusiastically joined in all Branch activities for several years and is a credit to Amateur Radio. (Callsign ZR2AAN at the time)
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2ABZWAHodgesSupport and meeting teas
05/13/2000Ham Spirit TrophyZS2ABZWAHodges 
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2ABZWAHodgesAssistance with club meeting catering
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2ABZWAHodges 
05/18/2002Ham Spirit TrophyZS2ABZWAHodges 
05/17/2003Ham Spirit TrophyZS2EJCHislop(Callsign was ZR2H)
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2EJCHislop 
05/21/2016DF Hunt TrophyZS2DHDHiggsOrganising the only DF Hunt activity in the past club year – on the JOTA day – using DF kits supplied by ZR2TX.
05/21/2016Merit CertificateZS2DHDHiggsSOTA activities throughout the year
06/03/2017Ham Spirit TrophyZS2DHDHiggsExcellent work done in generating interest amongst the youth, and for driving the Hammies ZS2ZU club and its activities, including a club container
05/11/2020Appreciation AwardZS2DHDHiggsContests scoring
05/16/1998Achievement CertificateZS2BHBHaefelePerseverance with the use of CW in spite of considerable difficulty
05/21/2016Ham Spirit TrophyZS2RLRBGwiltConsistently being the first volunteer for ANY rally comms event, and for being available for them ALL. Also appreciated as being MC for the morning breakfast run on 650
06/03/2017Ham of the YearZS2RLRBGwiltUnwavering support at all events, sometimes sleeping on the floor in a tent, and for his daily involvement on the breakfast run, and general advice given to those that ask.
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2RLRBGwilt 
05/19/2001CW Merit CertificateZS2RLRBGwilt1000 Contacts
05/11/2020Appreciation AwardZS2RLRBGwiltContributions at events and newsreader volunteer
05/18/2013Merit CupZS2RLRBGwilt 
06/23/2007Achievement CertificateZS2RLRBGwiltSuccessfully disguising his HF antenna system within a townhouse complex, and managing TVI-free operation.
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2RLRBGwiltRAE lecturers
05/13/2000ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2ZGIGreefShared with ZS2BWB
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2ZGIGreefTaking over CW classes
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZS2GAGrayAssisting various members with tone boards for their radios and always willing to assist any member and in maintaining the repeaters, as well as running the Hamnet section.
05/21/2016Merit CertificateZS2GAGraySOTA activities throughout the year
06/03/2017Merit CupZS2GAGrayDedicated support of the Hammies and new licencees involved in the RAE classes and all HAMNET activities
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2AGAGoosenQSX editing, compilation, printing
05/15/2010Appreciation AwardZS2AGAGoosenQSX editing, compilation, printing
05/17/2003Appreciation AwardZS2AGAGoosenPrinting QSX each month at cost
06/07/2008Achievement CertificateZS2AGAGoosenHard work in producing QSX
05/16/1998W. Watson VHF TrophyZR2TAGogos 
05/17/1997W. Watson VHF TrophyZR2TAGogosEnthusiastic VHF activities
05/11/2020Appreciation AwardZS2SGS.GilbertTechnical workshop
05/11/2020Ou Toppie AwardZS2WGWGerstlePresented at his QTH on 29 Feb 2020
05/11/2020Ou Toppie AwardZS2PGPGalpin 
05/21/2005Merit CupZS2JFJFrance 
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2JFJFranceBulletin rebroadcasts
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2JFJFranceMonday evening rebroadcasts
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2JFJFranceRAE lecturers
09/18/1993Merit CertificateZS2FPPFourieRunning the PBBS
05/22/2004Ou Toppie AwardZS2AWDForsyth 
05/11/2020Merit CupZS2RTCFife23 years as treasurer (?)
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZS2RTCFife25 years of service to the club as treasurer
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2RTCFifeFor many years as Treasurer
06/07/2008ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZR2BABDu Plessis 
09/17/1994ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2NDCMdu PlessisShared with ZS2AAW, for construction work in respect of repeaters
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2NDCMdu PlessisMonday evening rebroadcasts
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2LLDLDoddDedicated support, as new members, for all of PEARS communication events (callsign was ZR2LLD then)
05/19/2018ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2JIMJDe ScandePortable HF man pack that he built
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZS2JIMJDe ScandeTime and effort they put into the container project, at the scout hall
05/11/2020Ham Spirit TrophyZS2JIMJDe Scande 
05/19/2018Merit CertificateZS2MDLMDe LangeAlways willing to assist at events and for the financial contributions -donations of batteries)
06/07/2008ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2YTDe Jager 
05/22/1999Achievement CertificateZS1JRDavisArticles on modifications to the FT101, printed in the international Journal QST
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2HDHDanielsonVoortrekker events in Uitenhage and Despatch area
05/15/2010Ham of the YearZS2GVGCummings 
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2GVGCummingsUnselfish support of PEARS Members' tower work and technical assistance at repeater sites
05/19/2018Ham of the YearZS2GVGCummingsUnwavering support with our repeater systems, building portable repeaters, for his daily involvement on the breakfast run and general advice and assistance given to those that ask.
06/07/2008Ham Spirit TrophyZS2GVGCummings 
05/21/2016Ham of the YearZS2GVGCummingsArranging and making available the temporary repeater for special events and for the willingness to “climb every mountain” or in this case, every TOWER to assist members with antenna troubles, notwithstanding his own battles with whitehouse treatment and long travels for his saltmine activities
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2GVGCummingsReadiness to assist with tower climbing
06/03/2017Appreciation AwardZS2GVGCummingsTireless temporary repeater coverage provision for special events including Ironman PE
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZR2SCSCorderSciFest
05/16/1998Ham Spirit TrophyZR2SCSCorder 
06/21/2011Ou Toppie AwardZS2DDLCoombe-Davis 
05/22/1999Appreciation AwardZS2DDLCoombe-DavisFor repeater work and QSX production
09/21/1985W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2DDLCoombe-DavisAurthur Hemsley VHF trophy
06/23/2007Ham Spirit TrophyZS2BOABowlesVHF contest effort from far afield
05/17/2003Merit CertificateZS2EHBEBouwerPromotional work for Ham Radio
05/18/2002Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerSupport of PEARS special events
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerSunday morning SARL bulletin readings and Monday evening rebroadcasts
05/17/2003Merit CupZS2EHBEBouwerAs found engraved on the cup
05/27/2006Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerReading SARL bulletins each Sunday
06/23/2007Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerSunday morning SARL HQ Afrikaans bulletin reading
06/07/2008Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerReading the Afrikaans SARL bulletin every Sunday morning.
05/19/2012Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerReading of the HQ bulletins
05/17/2003Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerReading the SARL bulletin in Afrikaans on Sundays
05/11/2020Appreciation AwardZS2AFBAFBouwerRepairs to Lady's Slipper container
05/19/2018Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerReading the SARL news bulletin in Afrikaans every Sunday morning.
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2EHBEBouwerVoortrekker events in Uitenhage and Despatch area
06/03/2017ZS2OB DX TrophyZS2ACPABotesObtained his 30m DXCC. Also is less than 5x 80m JT65 contacts away from his 5 band DXCC certificate. Andre will be only the second ZS person to achieve this. He has also applied for WAZS900 certificate
05/18/2013ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
05/11/2020W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
05/13/2000ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
06/07/2008W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
05/22/1999ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
06/21/2011Achievement CertificateZS2ACPABotesWorked all ZS 500
05/15/2010Achievement CertificateZS2ACPABotesRecord achievement in the 2m contact with FR5DN
05/21/2005ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
05/15/2010ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
06/21/2011W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
06/03/2017W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2ACPABotesWorking V51 regularly on 6m and 4m meteor scatter
06/07/2008Ham of the YearZS2ACPABotes 
05/18/2002Achievement CertificateZS2ACPABotes 
09/18/1993W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2ACPABotes 
05/21/2016Merit CertificateZS2ACPABotesVHF contest achievements through the year - most notably the record set with Willem Badenhorst, ZS6WAB, covered 1184 km using FSK441 via Meteor Scatter on 6 September 2015
06/07/2008Appreciation AwardZU2WWBoschArranging the venues for meetings and other ‘fringe benefits’.
05/13/2000Achievement CertificateZS2FMMBoschFor all the work done by himself to promote VHF communications in particular and amateur radio in general. All of which resulted in him receiving the prestigious SARL Jack Twine award.
05/19/2001W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2FMMBosch 
05/22/1999Merit CertificateZS2FMMBoschExcellent initiation and organisation of the PEARS VHF contest
06/03/2017Merit CertificateZS2FMMBoschFor many articles on VHF/UHF activities, and updating the PEARS national VHF and UHF contest and its scoring.
05/16/2015W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2FMMBoschFor all his efforts with the Pears VHF Contest
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2FMMBoschUpdating the PEARS national VHF and UHF contest and its scoring (not present)
09/20/1991Special AwardZS2UMGBaumFor tying up a repeater for over 25 minutes in ONE over!
06/03/2017Appreciation AwardZS2VAGLBarkerMany articles supplied to our QSX editor
05/21/2016ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2VAGLBarkerRaspberry Pi APRS suitcase project completed way before any other members had theirs going, for the Energy Monitor project detailed in QSX and for the CNC machine currently being developed.
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2VAGLBarkerQSX support with regular technical articles
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2GBJAshworthService to the club during his few years living in PE
09/21/1985ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2AOCAshwell 
05/17/1997Ou Toppie AwardZS2AJ_skAAnsell 
05/11/2020Achievement CertificateZR2AUAnnDX achievements
05/16/2009ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2GAGAnderson 
05/17/2014Ham of the YearZR2TXTAllen 
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZR2TXTAllenRally comms organising
05/16/2009Appreciation AwardZR2TXTAllenOutstanding manner in which he handled the Results station in the EC400 off-road race
06/03/2017Appreciation AwardZR2TXTAllenNumerous VOC mannings at special events where radio hams provide communications
06/21/2011Ham of the YearZR2TXTAllen 
05/19/2018Ham Spirit TrophyZR2TXTAllenAttends the organizing committee meetings of the various events and then draws up a radio operator’s deployment schedule, does all the admin for the events.
06/21/2011Ou Toppie AwardZS2UAFAAkers 
09/25/1992W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2UAFAAkers 
05/21/2016Appreciation AwardZS2UAFAAkersGenerating social interest and organising field days at Londt Park
06/21/2011Appreciation AwardZS2UAFAAkersSupport of RAE and Schools
05/22/2004Special AwardZS2UAFAAkersThe first awarding of the PEARS South African VHF Century Award - Analogue 2m Bronze Class
05/19/2018W. Watson VHF TrophyZS2UAFAAkersRunning the 6 meter weekly net, which he has been doing for donkey’s years and being active on the 2 meter net on a Monday night.
05/17/2003ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyZS2UAFAAkersConstruction of antennas
05/22/2004Appreciation AwardZS2UAFAAkers 
05/19/2001Appreciation AwardZS2UAFAAkersTechnical talks and constructional techniques
05/17/1997Merit CertificateZS2UAFAAkers 
06/23/2007Merit CertificateZS2UAFAAkersArrangements done for the RTA
05/11/2020Merit CertificateZS2UAFAAkersContributions to members re antennas
05/21/2005Appreciation AwardZS2UAFAAkers 
05/22/1999Merit CertificateZS2UAFAAkersGood work done in the emergency services in the Eastern Cape
05/16/2009W. Watson VHF Trophy