PEARS Awards presented at the AGM

 Callsign  Initials  Surname   Date   Award Name  Notes
ZS2UAFAAkers11/05/2020Merit CertificateContributions to members re antennas
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg11/05/2020Appreciation AwardTechnical workshop
ZS2SGS.Gilbert11/05/2020Appreciation AwardTechnical workshop
ZS2ECHECHosten11/05/2020Appreciation AwardQSX editorship
ZS2RLRBGwilt11/05/2020Appreciation AwardContributions at events and newsreader volunteer
ZS2AFBAFBouwer11/05/2020Appreciation AwardRepairs to Lady's Slipper container
ZS2DHDHiggs11/05/2020Appreciation AwardContests scoring
ZR2AUAnn11/05/2020Achievement CertificateDX achievements
ZS2WGWBGerstle11/05/2020Ou Toppie AwardPresented at his QTH on 29 Feb 2020
ZS2PGPGalpin11/05/2020Ou Toppie Award 
ZS2ECTPotgieter11/05/2020ZS2OB DX Trophy 
ZS2PAAPrideaux11/05/2020ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyVarious projects
ZS2RTCFife11/05/2020Merit Cup23 years as treasurer (?)
ZS2ACPABotes11/05/2020W. Watson VHF Trophy 
ZS2JIMJDe Scande11/05/2020Ham Spirit Trophy 
ZS2NFBJNugent11/05/2020HRO - Ham of the YearAs proposed and motivated by Uli ZR2A
ZS2MDLMDe Lange19/05/2018Merit CertificateAlways willing to assist at events and for the financial contributions -donations of batteries)
ZR2CRSCRSchroder19/05/2018Merit CertificateTime and effort they put into the container project, at the scout hall
ZS2JIMJDe Scande19/05/2018Merit CertificateTime and effort they put into the container project, at the scout hall
ZS2ECHECHosten19/05/2018Merit CertificateMany hours he puts in to producing interesting QSX’s
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg19/05/2018Merit CertificateContinuous effort he puts in, in presenting the RAE classes
ZS2GAGray19/05/2018Merit CertificateAssisting various members with tone boards for their radios and always willing to assist any member and in maintaining the repeaters, as well as running the Hamnet section.
ZS2RTCFife19/05/2018Merit Certificate25 years of service to the club as treasurer
ZS2BLRNorton19/05/2018Appreciation AwardReading the SARL new bulletin in English, every Sunday Morning
ZS2EHBEBouwer19/05/2018Appreciation AwardReading the SARL news bulletin in Afrikaans every Sunday morning.
ZR2CRSCRSchroder19/05/2018Appreciation AwardTravelling to Knysna during the fires and the goods that he donated and distributed there.
ZS2ECTPotgieter19/05/2018Achievement CertificateOperating on the Club’s call sign (ZS2PE)
ZS2PJPPPullinger19/05/2018Ou Toppie Award 
ZS2PPPHopper19/05/2018Ou Toppie Award 
ZS2DKMRundle19/05/2018ZS2OB DX TrophyParticipation in HF
ZS2JIMJDe Scande19/05/2018ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyPortable HF man pack that he built
ZS2AAWCCScarr19/05/2018Merit CupHard work and time he puts in, in keeping our repeater system up and running under trying circumstances, old equipment and having to travel long distances to do the repairs
ZS2UAFAAkers19/05/2018W. Watson VHF TrophyRunning the 6 meter weekly net, which he has been doing for donkey’s years and being active on the 2 meter net on a Monday night.
ZR2TXTAllen19/05/2018Ham Spirit TrophyAttends the organizing committee meetings of the various events and then draws up a radio operator’s deployment schedule, does all the admin for the events.
ZS2GVGCummings19/05/2018HRO - Ham of the YearUnwavering support with our repeater systems, building portable repeaters, for his daily involvement on the breakfast run and general advice and assistance given to those that ask.
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg03/06/2017Merit CertificateRunning the RAE course, doing the HF assessments and getting students to pass their exams
ZS2FMMBosch03/06/2017Merit CertificateFor many articles on VHF/UHF activities, and updating the PEARS national VHF and UHF contest and its scoring.
ZS2GVGCummings03/06/2017Appreciation AwardTireless temporary repeater coverage provision for special events including Ironman PE
ZR2TXTAllen03/06/2017Appreciation AwardNumerous VOC mannings at special events where radio hams provide communications
ZS2VAGLBarker03/06/2017Appreciation AwardMany articles supplied to our QSX editor
ZS2GHKGKok03/06/2017Appreciation AwardPresentation of the Arduino course
ZS2ECTPotgieter03/06/2017Appreciation AwardAlways flying the ZS2PE flag high in competitions and on-air events
ZS2BLRNorton03/06/2017Appreciation AwardWeekly reading of the SARL English bulletin
ZS2BKAvan Deventer03/06/2017Achievement CertificateGetting permission to erect a tower and satellite antenna array in a retirement village in Lorraine!
ZS2DKMRundle03/06/2017Achievement CertificateContinued HF DX operations with seized rotator and poor propagation conditions notwithstanding!
ZS2ECTPotgieter03/06/2017Achievement CertificateComing 1st in South Africa in the ARRL contest
ZS2ACPABotes03/06/2017ZS2OB DX TrophyObtained his 30m DXCC. Also is less than 5x 80m JT65 contacts away from his 5 band DXCC certificate. Andre will be only the second ZS person to achieve this. He has also applied for WAZS900 certificate
ZS2ALALe Roux03/06/2017ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyConstruction of a para sleeve 3 element HF beam, and Andrew specifically for the contruction and erection of his tilt-over tower, and mods done to a Yaesu HF Linear changing output tubes from 6KD6 to 811’s
ZS2PAAPrideaux03/06/2017ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyConstruction of a para sleeve 3 element HF beam, and Andrew specifically for the contruction and erection of his tilt-over tower, and mods done to a Yaesu HF Linear changing output tubes from 6KD6 to 811’s
ZS2GAGray03/06/2017Merit CupDedicated support of the Hammies and new licencees involved in the RAE classes and all HAMNET activities
ZS2ACPABotes03/06/2017W. Watson VHF TrophyWorking V51 regularly on 6m and 4m meteor scatter
ZS2DHDHiggs03/06/2017Ham Spirit TrophyExcellent work done in generating interest amongst the youth, and for driving the Hammies ZS2ZU club and its activities, including a club container
ZS2RLRBGwilt03/06/2017HRO - Ham of the YearUnwavering support at all events, sometimes sleeping on the floor in a tent, and for his daily involvement on the breakfast run, and general advice given to those that ask.
ZS2DHDHiggs21/05/2016Merit CertificateSOTA activities throughout the year
ZS2GAGray21/05/2016Merit CertificateSOTA activities throughout the year
ZS2AVMLa Mude21/05/2016Merit CertificateSOTA activities throughout the year
ZS2ACPABotes21/05/2016Merit CertificateVHF contest achievements through the year - most notably the record set with Willem Badenhorst, ZS6WAB, covered 1184 km using FSK441 via Meteor Scatter on 6 September 2015
ZR2TXTAllen21/05/2016Appreciation AwardRally comms organising
ZS2GBJAshworth21/05/2016Appreciation AwardService to the club during his few years living in PE
ZS2MRMRas21/05/2016Appreciation AwardAlways arranging the braai fires for events like the antenna testing days at Londt Park and the AGM
ZS2EHBEBouwer21/05/2016Appreciation AwardSunday morning SARL bulletin readings and Monday evening rebroadcasts
ZS2BLRNorton21/05/2016Appreciation AwardSunday morning SARL bulletin readings and Monday evening rebroadcasts
ZS2OCKVictor21/05/2016Appreciation AwardGenerating social interest and organising field days at Londt Park
ZS2UAFAAkers21/05/2016Appreciation AwardGenerating social interest and organising field days at Londt Park
ZS2FMMBosch21/05/2016Appreciation AwardUpdating the PEARS national VHF and UHF contest and its scoring (not present)
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg21/05/2016Appreciation AwardPresenting the RAE twice a year and thereby increasing our ham numbers
ZS2VAGLBarker21/05/2016Appreciation AwardQSX support with regular technical articles
ZS2RAWhitehead21/05/2016Appreciation AwardQSX support with regular technical articles
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg21/05/2016Achievement CertificatePushing 160m contacts on this little-used band under trying conditions from within town
ZS2TEDESSmook21/05/2016Ou Toppie Award 
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg21/05/2016ZS2OB DX TrophyBecoming the first ZS2 ever to make it onto the DXCC Honours Roll by having worked 331 of the 340 DXCC entities – that’s within 10 of ALL the existing entities worked!
ZS2VAGLBarker21/05/2016ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyRaspberry Pi APRS suitcase project completed way before any other members had theirs going, for the Energy Monitor project detailed in QSX and for the CNC machine currently being developed.
ZS2EZBMurrell21/05/2016Merit CupBeing the first ZS to get 300 DXCC entities confirmed on DIGITAL modes. Not an easy feat
ZS2BKAvan Deventer21/05/2016W. Watson VHF TrophyWith Phillippe Mondon, FR5DN, covered 3245 km using SSB via Tropo Ducting on 7 October 2015
ZS2RLRBGwilt21/05/2016Ham Spirit TrophyConsistently being the first volunteer for ANY rally comms event, and for being available for them ALL. Also appreciated as being MC for the morning breakfast run on 650
ZS2DHDHiggs21/05/2016ZS2MIC DF Hunt TrophyOrganising the only DF Hunt activity in the past club year – on the JOTA day – using DF kits supplied by ZR2TX.
ZS2GVGCummings21/05/2016HRO - Ham of the YearArranging and making available the temporary repeater for special events and for the willingness to “climb every mountain” or in this case, every TOWER to assist members with antenna troubles, notwithstanding his own battles with whitehouse treatment and long travels for his saltmine activities
ZS2FMMBosch16/05/2015W. Watson VHF TrophyFor all his efforts with the Pears VHF Contest
ZS2ECTPotgieter16/05/2015ZS2OB DX TrophyHF work using the ZS2PE call sign
ZR2NTNThomas16/05/2015ZS2AB Constructor's TrophyPIC programing and along those lines
ZR2CRSCRSchroder16/05/2015HRO - Ham of the YearEfforts with PTAR last year and the PEARS banners and the various other efforts on his behalf
ZS2HBJackson19/05/2012Ou Toppie Award 
ZS2HBGLaaks19/05/2012Ou Toppie Award 
ZS2RTCFife19/05/2012Appreciation AwardFor many years as Treasurer
ZS2BLRNorton19/05/2012Appreciation AwardReading of the HQ bulletins
ZS2EHBEBouwer19/05/2012Appreciation AwardReading of the HQ bulletins
ZS2GVGCummings19/05/2012Appreciation AwardReadiness to assist with tower climbing
ZS2AAWCCScarr19/05/2012Appreciation AwardTireless work on the repeater system
ZS2ECHECHosten19/05/2012Appreciation AwardDoing a good job as QSX editor
ZR2CRSCRSchroder19/05/2012Appreciation AwardAssisting with events and the donation of radio marshal bibs and a gazebo
ZS2DLDvan Loggerenberg19/05/2012Appreciation AwardConducting RAE classes
ZS2RAWhitehead19/05/2012ZS2AB Constructor's TrophySolar charger regulator
ZS2ECTPotgieter19/05/2012Merit CupActivity on the air
ZS2XDGRautenbach19/05/2012ZS2OB DX Trophy 
ZS2BKAvan Deventer19/05/2012W. Watson VHF TrophyFor having achieved WAC
ZS2BKAvan Deventer19/05/2012HRO - Ham of the Year 
ZS2AGAGoosen15/05/2010Appreciation AwardQSX editing, compilation, printing
ZS2ECHECHosten15/05/2010Appreciation AwardExcellent facilities organised at the NMMU for the SARL AGM
ZS2GKGKraut15/05/2010Achievement CertificateRecord achievement in the 2m contact with FR5DN